Course Overview

The Nectar of Plants is a three-part online course exploring essential oils and Chinese medicine. This course is suitable for all types of healthcare practitioners, as well as for individuals interested in the medicinal application of essential oils.


In this three-part series, you will:

  • Learn to use essential oils easily and effectively in your healthcare practice

  • Understand the function and application of specific essential oils in the context of Chinese medicine

  • Utilize essential oils to treat the most common diseases and disorders

  • Have the freedom to take the series in any order! Each part covers the basics of both use and strategy.

  • Join the growing community exploring Chinese Medicine Aromatherapy!


Included in each part:

Four 2½ Hour Lectures

Each part of the course is broken down into four lectures, each with roughly 2½ hours of educational content. That's 10 hours of content for each part, or 30 hours total!

Experiential Exercise

To help you learn and apply the unique qualities of each essential oil, each part is accompanied by an experiential exercise. This exercise can be repeated with different oils to help you better understand each oil's characteristics.

Reference Materials

You will be provided with Materia Medica information for the primary essential oils discussed in each part, as well as worksheets to assist in preparing formulas and caring for your precious essential oils.

Continuing Education Credits

10 CEUs per part approved by the NCCAOM, California, and Texas. (Please note that CEU evaluations are available as a separate purchase from the lecture series.)


Praise for The Nectar of Plants:

This is the best continuing education course I’ve taken. I enjoyed Josephine’s energy and found her teaching style to be very helpful. I was able to immediately integrate the information into my practice and see clinical results. Essential oils have really expanded my treatment options because they can be used aromatically and topically making patients more compliant. I love them and I love this course.
— Lisa Langlands, MSTCM, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac.
I do not say this lightly. I have not had the depth and breadth of information in any other essential oils course or literature I have attended or read. Ms Spilka is a natural teacher who will make sure the student understands the theory, and practical application of essential oils in the profession. Teaching the student how to make essential oil formulas and making available an ongoing support study group is an added plus, and the true hallmark of her excellence as a teacher in the profession.
— Michele Salinas

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Investment for each part – $175**
All three parts – $495 (save $30!)


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* No one part is a prerequisite for another course. Each course can be taken alone or in any order.
** To obtain continuing education credits, you will have to purchase the test for each part for a fee of $95/part or $255 for all three parts.

You’ll receive lifetime access to videos and course materials FOR ALL THREE PARTS!


Part I – Strength and Survival: Respiratory and Digestive Disorders


Part I – Strength & Survival examines our relationship to our external world, how we meet, respond and take in our world. Focusing on the outer level of our being and our lives, Part I looks at respiratory and digestive disorders as the way in which the body expresses this outer dynamic.

Learn to use essential oils to build immunity, support healthy respiration and digestion as well as relieving respiratory or digestive distress of all kinds. Featuring oils of Eucalyptus, Lavender, Myrtle, Tea Tree, Patchouli and many more.

Part II – Heart & Will: Mental-Emotional, Anxiety & Sleep Disorders


Part II -  Heart & Will looks at what happens after we take in our world, begin, you could say, to make it our own. I like to call this our inner world. Looking at emotional disorders, sleep disorders, and anxiety disorders, Part II focuses on our relationship to our conscious selves, our emotional lives and the way these aspects affect our bodies. 

Learn to use essential oils to calm the spirit, ease the stresses of life and build capacity for healthy interaction, opening the heart and  focusing the will in service of peace, contentment and spiritual alignment.  Featuring many precious oils such as Frankincense, Neroli, Rose and Sandalwood.

Part III – Individuation and Evolution: Disorders of the Essence


Part III - Individuation & Evolution takes a special and close look at the deepest level of our being, our sense of who we are, our genetics and how we evolve in this lifetime as well as from generation to generation. This level is often hidden or “secret” and not easily accessible, yet with essential oils that are themselves the “essence” or innermost aspect of a plant, this level becomes not only accessible but even can be subject to conscious evolution. 

Learn to use essential oils to nourish, enhance, alter or activate the essence in genetic disorders, cancer, birth trauma, infertility, personality disorders or simply to meet our unique destiny with more of who we are.  Featuring oils of Carrot Seed, Jasmine, Caraway, Atlas Cedar, Pine and many more.


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