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Join me and your fellow essential oils enthusiasts to review real life cases and delve deep into the subtleties of both diagnosis and treatment with Chinese Medicine aromatherapy!


Josephine dispenses advice on oil formulation regarding one of her students' cases.


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Are you currently practicing Chinese Medicine, or studying to practice? Listen and learn as Josephine advises participants on tough cases, including diagnosis and formulation using a traditional Chinese Medicine approach.


Praise for the Essential Oils Case Library:

I do not say this lightly. I have not had the depth and breadth of information in any other essential oils course or literature I have attended or read. Ms Spilka is a natural teacher who will make sure the student understands the theory, and practical application of essential oils in the profession. Teaching the student how to make essential oil formulas and making available an ongoing support study group is an added plus, and the true hallmark of her excellence as a teacher in the profession.
— Michele Salinas

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