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Inspired by the ease and simplicity of essential oils, I created the online course The Nectar of Plants to bring you a fascinating and practical look at these special plant substances. Unlike almost any other course, The Nectar of Plants uses Chinese medicine as the framework to harness the beauty and power of essential oils. The course is organized in three Parts, each one detailing essential oils and strategies particularly related to a specific level of our being.

In addition to our primary course, we now offer an Essential Oils Case Library to assist students and practitioners of Chinese medicine. This case library is an excellent resource for understanding how essential oils can be used in the treatment of real-life cases. Each case is accompanied by discussions and notes, providing an in-depth perspective into the circumstances of the case.

Interested in exploring other aspects of Chinese medicine? Our sister site Essence Presence offers additional courses, mentorship, and in-person learning opportunities.

About Josephine

In 1999, thwarted in my attempt to join an herbal medicine class with Daoist Master Jeffrey Yuen, I found myself signing up for a year-long course in essential oils with him instead. At that point, having been practicing Chinese medicine, including herbal medicine for 6 years, discovering the essential oils in the context of Chinese medicine was like encountering magic. I was both enchanted and amazed at how effectively and easily the essential oils could be used in wide range of health conditions and circumstances. Quite simply, I fell in love with them!

I began to use essential oils as a main medicine for myself and my clients right away. After almost 20 years that hasn’t changed; the essential oils are still my favorite way to treat myself and most of my clients. In 2007, I was invited to teach the essential oils at Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts in Asheville, North Carolina. I enjoyed it so much that I began to think about creating a course for existing professionals and in 2014 The Nectar of Plants: Essential Oils and Chinese Medicine was born. With the blessing of my teacher and now years of experience in practical application, the course has evolved, adding several live presentations and a study group with over 30 recordings of in-depth case review.

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